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I’m a lifelong vegetarian — I get all the protein I need from these 8 ...

New York Post 24 Feb 2024
So you’re going vegetarian — cue concerned friends and relatives asking incredulously, how will you get enough protein if you don’t eat meat? ... Vegetarian from birth, she knows exactly ... study.

The multivitamins and supplements that really benefit your health.. and the right time to take them:...

The Daily Mail 22 Feb 2024
Then there is research, such as a review of 84 studies by the U.S ...That’s why study outcomes for many supplements have been so terrible ... Studies suggest we can absorb doses of up to 400mg, but any excess is simply passed out in urine.

Eating to save nature? Embrace potatoes, ditch meat and track your beans

The Guardian 21 Feb 2024
The massive environmental impact of eating meat has been well established , and the study reinforced this, with meat dishes scoring more than vegetarian or vegan dishes across almost all locally and globally produced scenarios.

Can a vegan diet help prevent snoring?

Lebanon Democrat 21 Feb 2024
A healthy vegan diet can help to prevent people from developing a potentially dangerous snoring condition, according to a new study ... study ... study. Those eating a largely vegetarian diet were also seen to be at a lower risk.

Vegetarian diet cuts risk of sleep apnoea, study finds

The Times/The Sunday Times 20 Feb 2024
A study has found that sticking to a largely vegetarian diet can cut the risk of developing obstructive sleep apnoea — the medical condition that causes heavy snoring.Sponsored ... ALAMY ... Those who ate the most vegetables, fruits and whole grains were ... .

15 tasty ways to fill up on gut-friendly fibre: Most of us don

The Daily Mail 20 Feb 2024
READ MORE ... Advertisement ... ‘Early studies also suggest mental wellbeing may be influenced by our gut microbes.’ ... Avocado on toast ... Recent studies have suggested that this vegetarian protein source may also help with maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

The Atlantic diet — could this be the healthiest way to eat?

The Times/The Sunday Times 17 Feb 2024
A study published last week found that a diet based on the eating habits of people living in northwestern Spain and Portugal — known as the Atlantic diet — can reduce belly fat, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Potassium-rich vegetarian diet and food supplement alleviates joint pain in rheumatoid arthritis patients: Pune study

Indian Express 15 Feb 2024
High potassium intake, based on a suitable vegetarian diet and food supplements, reduced joint pain and improved rheumatoid arthritis, says a new study published in British Medical Journal Nutrition, Prevention and Health.

Pregnant vegans risk blood pressure disorder, underweight babies: Study

Canoe 04 Feb 2024
Study Back to video ... The study found lower protein consumption among vegans and vegetarians compared with women who ate meat as part of their diet.Advertisement 3 ... The results echo previous studies that focused on expectant mothers who avoided meats.

Best NMN Supplements Ranked (2024) Top 12 Most Effective Brands on the Market

The Daily Democrat 03 Feb 2024
Genuine Purity Liposomal NMN supplement is the perfect NMN product that has been designed after several batches of studies on culture cells in the laboratory ... Vegetarian capsules contain a high dose of one single ingredient.

Study finds microplastics in nearly all American proteins: meat, fish and plants

Fox31 Denver 30 Jan 2024
An Environmental Pollution study published on Monday reviewed a wide range of meat, fish and vegetarian meat alternatives — and found that 88 percent of them contained some form of microplastics.

Veg vs Non-Veg: Which is more important and effective for a long life?

Financial Express 29 Jan 2024
Another 2023 study published in the Advances in Integrative Medicine journal revealed that following a vegetarian diet for a longer duration can help in maintaining a healthy weight and prevent central obesity by avoiding processed foods.

Move to sustainable food systems could bring $10tn benefits a year, study finds

The Observer 29 Jan 2024
The study ... The new study is not prescriptive about vegetarianism, but Rockström said demand for beef and most other meat would fall if hidden health and environmental costs were included in the price.

You’re probably eating way too much protein

Vox 28 Jan 2024
One small, informal study in the UK even found that some men who want to reduce their meat consumption are embarrassed to order vegetarian meals among male friends ... consumption or become vegetarian.

Ask the doctors: Creatine supplements can help build muscle mass

The Spokesman-Review 27 Jan 2024
Additional studies into the potential ... A study in which meat-eaters spent a month on a vegetarian diet that included eggs and dairy products saw a marked drop in the participants’ creatine levels.