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How food swaps can help lower your carbon footprint

Sandhills Express 28 May 2024
Swapping meat lasagna for vegetarian isn’t just healthier for you — it’s also healthier for the planet. And a new study shows just how much each swap, like switching beef for chicken in stew, saves greenhouse gas emissions.

Textured Vegetable Protein Market Size, Share, Growth Opportunities, Trends, Top Companies, and Forecast to 2027

GetNews 22 May 2024
Rising Popularity in Vegan and Vegetarian Diets ... According to a study published by the European Vegetarian Union in 2019, the vegan population in Europe contributes to more than 6% of the European population.

Huge Study Finds That Vegetarian and Vegan Diets Are Incredibly Good for You

Futurism 18 May 2024
Fruits and vegetables win again! As CNN reports, a new umbrella study has found that most vegetarian and vegan diets significantly curb risks of life-threatening illnesses like cancer and cardiovascular disease — and can even prevent early death.

Veg or non-veg? This is more healthy diet

The News International 17 May 2024
Vegetarian diet is not solution to every health problem ... While many people believe that a full vegetarian diet is healthy, it may not be the case. A recent study published in Nature Mental Health ...

Fussy eaters take note: picky palettes linked to poor mental health

New York Post 16 May 2024
A recent study suggests that older folks who are unfussy about what they eat have better cognitive function than their picky peers ... These findings indicate that a limited diet; vegan, vegetarian, high-protein etc.

These diets may reduce cancer, heart disease and early death, according to a 20-year review

CNN 15 May 2024
“We analyzed reviews considering vegan and vegetarian diets that completely exclude(ed) meat, poultry and seafood,” said study coauthor Dr.

These diets are best for lowering risk of diseases and cancer: study

New York Post 15 May 2024
Capodici’s team advised that more research is needed into the effects of vegetarian and vegan diets — they say the studies they analyzed differed in dietary patterns, sample size and participant demographics, among other factors.

Nutrition Twins reveal why red meat WON

The Daily Mail 15 May 2024
Other studies have shown the risk to be higher for processed stuff like sausages and bacon ... And a 2020 study published in Cambridge University Press found meat eaters are more likely than vegetarians to be overweight or obese.

Atkins diet guide: Benefits, risks and expert opinion

AOL 14 May 2024
“Some studies have shown that this very low carbohydrate type diet can have a beneficial impact on levels of good cholesterol levels while lowering the bad cholesterol levels.” ... Difficult for vegetarians to follow.

Debunking the Myths: A Comprehensive Guide to Weight Loss with Keto

Al Wast 05 May 2024
Studies suggest keto may improve cognitive function and potentially benefit individuals with neurological conditions like epilepsy ... Vegetarian and vegan variations of keto exist ... Studies suggest keto ...

The truth about

The Daily Mail 02 May 2024
But as Martin Freeman's recent admission that he has ditched vegetarianism after 38 years has highlighted, not all is as it seems when it comes to meat alternatives... 'I've now, I've come off being a vegetarian.

Back to the source — the Evian spa gets a makeover

The Times/The Sunday Times 01 May 2024
The menus come with a small mirror affixed to the front so that you can study the ceiling frescoes without craning your neck ... As a vegetarian and infrequent drinker (I’m fun, I promise), my plant-based ...
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Kierikki Stone Age Centre Oulu Finland 01

Paleo diet? Study reveals new insight on what Stone Age humans really ate

CNN 30 Apr 2024

Forget what you thought about cavemen! Early hunter-gatherers were mostly VEGETARIAN and gorged on...

The Daily Mail 29 Apr 2024
Cavemen abandoned meat and went vegetarian more than 15,000 years ago, scientists have found ... Early humans should be known as 'gatherer-hunters' because they were mostly vegetarian, study claims ... Vegetarianism.

What kind of diner are you? 6 types of diners who avoid plant-based meat dishes

RNZ 26 Apr 2024
In our new study, we asked 647 Australians why they don't order plant-based meat dishes when dining out ... They prefer to "just eat the vegetables they use to make the fake meat", as one study ...